Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stupid Easter Egg Cake Truffles

Dear Readers,

I promise that everything I post in this blog will taste phenomenal. I refuse to post a recipe that doesn’t make me say "wow".
What I cant promise is that everything is going to be pretty. I will spend hours trying. But patience is not a virtue I was blessed with.
And this leaves me sitting here dumbfounded as I have just spent half my day making Cake Truffles. Now, I have made Cake Truffles before and they were amazing. And today’s were amazing too. They just weren’t pretty.
HOURS. HOURS. H O U R S. Spent on these "Cake truffle pops" as I have dubbed them. In the shape of Easter eggs. Covered in colored chocolate. And then decorated. What in God’s name was I thinking? As I write this, my kitchen table is a hurricane of melted chocolate, messed up cake pops, and madness.
But what’s even more annoying then all of this?
My failed cake pops.

They taste wonderful, but as I said before... patience is not my thing. And neither are things that make me concentrate too hard.
Ill give myself an A for effort though!
Beware- The following images are NOT pretty.

Are you impressed? Because I feel like these little eggs of non-cuteness have just slapped me, pushed me down to the ground, and then laughed in my face.

Stupid Easter Egg Cake Truffles.

I would yell a few explicates right now, if this wasn’t a "family friendly" blog.

&*^#&*^#*#(&!! (There!)

Now, if you want to see my inspiration, you can go here.
And if you want to check out the true cake pop queen, you can take yourself there.

I have failed you, my readers.

Please forgive me. Just this once. =)


  1. Awww! I think they look great and are superrrr cute! :) When are you going to be trying the Easter bunny cake pops?! Today??? lol.

  2. Angela, they look amazing! I want to have one haha

  3. what went wrong? do u know? planning on making them myself