Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marlena and Mary

2 weeks ago, I decided to make a very big decision. It was time to put in my 2 weeks at work. I decided it was time to move on, and I am very happy with my decision.

I had the oppertunity to work with some wonderful people. They have made me laugh, and helped to brighten the dreary days of corporate America!

On my last day of work, my 2 favorites decided to play pay back. Pay back for what?? Pay back for making them experiment every single thing I have made in my kitchen for the past 6 months. They have tried and scrutinized all of my creations, and have given me great feedback (Nothing better then a constant thumbs up!) Last friday, I arrived to my last day of work to find 2 things.

Chocolate cupcakes with creamcheese frosting, adorned with grasshappers!
Grasshopper explanation: Marlena was amazing at helping me keep my cool when I wanted to fly off the handle. With the words "Patience grasshopper" I was transformed to a cool, calm and collective grasshopper. And this is where Marlena got her nickname "Wise Owl". Our nicknames stuck and put a smile on my face daily.

And HUGE kisses, filled with an Oreo concoction from Bakerella! Complete with a paper tucked inside saying "We are going to miss you!"

So sweet I tell ya! I love those girls!!

Marlena (Owl) and Mary,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the super yummy goodies. But more than just that, thank you for being AWESOME!
 Otherwise known as Grasshopper.

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