Friday, May 6, 2011

My 3 month old BIG boy!


You are THREE MONTHS OLD! Where the heck has time gone, and why do I feel like I say that at LEAST every day!?

Daddy weighed you the other day, and we think youre somewhere around 14 pounds! You dont have a drs apt, and our scale stinks, so we're not positive... but either way, you are growing like crazy!

You cant quite roll over yet, but you are trying so hard... your head is a little bit heavy. You have a BIG obsession with trying to sit up. Daddy and I think its so funny, and you are so good at it.. But because of your heavy head, you usually end up falling over, but that doesnt stop you from trying over and over again until you are so tired and ready for a nap.

You love talking to your Giraffe on your playmate. You love when mommy reads you books, and makes funny voices for the characters. And you LOVE Elmo! We bought you a tiny stuffed Elmo last weekend, and you have enjoyed slobbering all over his arms and eyeballs.

You have recently realized that when you hit your toys, they move, and you are entertained for hours because of this recent discovery.

Bathtime is still your favorite time of the day. Mommy enjoy singing to you while daddy bathes you. So far, your favorite song is the ABC's, and the 50 nifty United States.

Youre wearing 3 month clothes, and quickly outgrowing most of them, but 6 months clothes are still a bit big. Your 3 months sleepers are so snug, you can barely straighten your legs, so mommy will be going out and buying you some 6 month sleepers this weekend.

Your first Easter was a huge success! You got so many things from so many people that love you!
The Easter bunny totally did not phase you. You though the green floor was way more amusing!

You def know your name now, and you quickly turn your head to see who is saying it. Your eyelashes are so incredibly long! Everyone comments on how long your fingers and feet are. We are allmost positive that you have mamas big brown eyes, but you are unmistakably your fathers son.

When daddy comes home from work, you spend a good half hour staring at him in amazement. You REALLY miss him when hes at work!

You are now sleeping through the night completely, and into the early afternoon! You LOVE sleeping! You go to bed around 1030pm, you sleep til about 7am, and then you go back to bed after a bottle until about noon.

You are such an easy baby. Probably the happiest baby I have ever seen. You have a smile and a giggle for everyone, and you melt everyones heart just like you melt mine.

I love our little family, baby boy. Thank you for being so amazing!