Monday, April 4, 2011

Holy 2 months old!


You are growing wayyyy too fast, mister! Mama can barely keep the tears out of her eyes when she thinks of how very fast you have changed already, and its just a reminder of how fast you would continue to grow. It breaks my heart, because although I love seeing you grow strong, and learn new thing everyday.... I get sad. Because one day, your entire hand wont be able to wrap around my finger anymore. You wont need me to feed you. Or bathe you. Or change your diaper. You wont need me to help you fall asleep. I know this will not be for awhile, but the past 2 months of my life as your mommy have been the fastest 2 months of my life, and it scares the living crap out of me. I feel like Ill wake up tomorrow, and you will be 13 with a bad haircut....

You have learned so much this month! Our first milestone was transitioning from being in the bassinet next to mamas bed, and into your big boy crib. You did GREAT! You slept better there then you did next to mama and daddy... Lets blame daddys snoring on that one =). Around 5 weeks, mama flew out of bed because it was 4am, and it had been 5 whole hours since I had heard from you! I was so sure something was not okay... but there you were, sleeping like an angel. 5 whole hours felt like a dream come true... and it only got better. Before we knew it, you were going to bed at 11pm, waking up for a bottle at 5, and sleeping again until 10am! We are so blessed to have a baby who likes his sleep!

You gave mama and daddy the greatest gift of our lives this month. Smiles. And lots of them. Which each smile, you melt our hearts! Mama swallows back tears daily, because she just cant believe how much love her heart holds for you! You are our entire world. You smile most when you have one on one time with us. Sometimes its hard to imagine that you are able to smile so big, but every time you do, it makes everything else in our world go away, and you are the only thing that fills our thoughts.

You love your baths. You kick your little legs and it looks like youre dancing. Bath time now takes longer then before, because half the time Im laughing so hard at your cuteness, I have to remember to catch my breath! You take my breath away time and time again, my lovey.

I cant tell if you favor mama or daddy, because it seems that you love us both equally. You spend lots of time staring at us, and smiling, and cooing. You love to coo. And "talk" to us. I enjoy hearing everything you have to say. I cant wait for real words to come out one day!

This month, you spent 2 full days away from mama. Once because I went to work, and once because daddy and I went to a wedding. Words can not even express how much I missed you! You are the only thing I think and talk about. Its hard to concentrate on much else. Although mama and daddy enjoyed a night to ourselves to hangout with our friends, we missed you tons. You stayed at Nana and Abuelos house and you had a blast!

You LOVE kicking your legs. Thats how we know when youre REALLY happy! You are also able to "Stand" up on mamas legs... you are so strong!

You seem to favor your left side more then your right, which THRILLS your daddy. Left handed pitchers are paid more and much desired in baseball. =)

You weigh 11 lbs 14 oz, and youre 22 1/2 inches long putting you in the 50th percentile! You are 100% healthy, and 110% beautiful.

Brayden... daddy and I love you more then ANYTHING in this world. You are the only thing that matters. We love that you are our son, and will spend the rest of our lives letting you know that.