Monday, March 7, 2011

Brayden is one month old!

Dear Brayden,

Boy oh BOY! You are one month old. Mama simply cannot wrap her head around the idea that her sweet precious newborn is headed straight into infancy faster than she ever wanted to imagine.

In fact, it was just last night that daddy and I noticed that while wearing your newborn sleepers, you are barely able to straighten your legs… you’re just way to long now! You are barely wearing your newborn diapers, and all of your adorable newborn outfits are quickly becoming extremely snug… some of them are impossible to pull over your round little head without squishing your beautiful face. Mama gets all sorts of emotional at the thought of graduating you into 3 month clothes and size 1 Huggies. You weighed 6lbs, 15oz when you were born, and dropped down to 6lbs 10 ounces…. NOW, you are 9lbs 4 oz.!

You are all boy. Rough, tough, and strong. You love to eat, and mama is already getting nervous for what her grocery bill will be when you’re in high school. During meal times, when it’s time for you to be burped, you get yourself into such a frenzy, that you shake your head back and forth and flail your little arms, and push your legs against mamas legs, while you smack your lips and lunge towards your bottle. We try to remind you that you’re not starving and that there is more coming as soon as you give us a big burp, but it doesn’t matter. You want your milk! Daddy and I get a big kick out of this…. And we are sorry that we are laughing at your expense.. but you’re just so funny!

You hold your head up like a champ, and have been doing so since you were born actually…. But just recently, you have really mastered this! You spend most of your day staring into your mama’s face, and it melts her heart completely. I just love staring into your big beautiful blue eyes! When you’re not loving on mama or daddy, your staring at your best friend… the ceiling fan. No amount of interactive toys, or your play mat that plays music and flashes colors can compare to that ceiling fan!

You have recently found your tongue, and you spend lots of time sticking it in and out in amazement. When you’re not putting your hands into your mouth, you are desperately trying to get mama or daddy’s fingers in there! Your pacifier is your life line.

You’re still sleeping in mama and daddy’s room… and mama is so sad at the thought of moving you into your own crib. I wimped out on the idea this weekend, so we’re hoping next weekend will be a good time to start!

You have been out to eat with us several times, you have visited all of your grandparents, Publix and Target twice. Mama is still nervous to take you out of the house on her own… She is convinced that she cannot function without Daddy anymore. Our favorite time of the day is when Daddy comes home from work, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings… when Daddy brings you into our bed so that we can snuggle together as a family.

Last week, Tio Dennis and Leigh Leigh shared some big news with us on Abuelos birthday! You are going to have TWIN cousins, just 6 months older then you!  I cannot wait to watch you grow up with your cousins, as they become your very best friends! What a blessed family we are!

In the first month of your life, you have made us a family and have showed daddy and I what real love is. Looking at your little face brings so much joy into our lives, and we don’t remember what life was like before you. You have completed us.

We love you sweet baby boy. You are our everything.