About me

24, married, deeply in love with my husband. Cant wait to be a mom. I have too many friends, but never enough!  I love traveling. My mom is my bestfriend.. I have a pair of heels in every known color. I love my hair. Im a purse and sunglasses FREAK. And yes, Pink is my favorite color. I pride myself with wit and brains. I love getting lost in a good book. Sleeping in. staying out late. Brunch. Baking, cooking, and learning as much as I can about it. Blogging. organizing. being creative. 70 degrees and balmy all day. Christmas everything. food. The word Fabulous. Wedding and baby talk. I could eat chocolate all day everyday. White Sangria over red, 99% of the time. Same applies to my wine obsession. Grocery store snob. I love fancy desserts. Sushi!!! \ Weddings. My husbands face. Goofing off my with brothers. Laughing about things like farts and snot.Father of the Bride. Expressing myself with words. sweat pants. mascara. Red and pink starbursts.  water and lots of it. uninterupted deep sleep. my dog, pepper. Cheesy love songs. concerts. birthdays. My relationship with God. Daddies girl allllll the way. Sunday mornings. MY LIFE.