Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 Months Old = OMG

Dear Brayden,

I dont know where to begin. I feel like a broken record, saying the same stupid line every single month. "Where the heck has time gone?" But its true. Time is going by with a wink of an eye, and I wish for 10 minutes, I could just make it stop. I would hold you in my arms, and stare into your beautiful face, and watch you laugh. Watch you smile. Watch you blink. And watch you be you... without worrying that your time as my infant is slipping by so fast.

I wish I could hold you in my arms forever, but you want none of that. You have an entire world to explore. You have the entire world to look at, and learn about, and discover. The world really is at your finger tips, and you want EVERYTHING at your fingertips. You spend your entire life, in complete and utter awe. You are fascinated with everything. Your hands and your feet, your daddy's scruffy facial hair, the writing on my shirt. Everything is nothing short of amazing to you.

You are loving your food these days! We successfully fed you every stage 1 food, and you loved each and every one without even the slightest sign of an allergy. Green beans were your favorite, with squash and sweet potato right behind. You open your mouth super wide, and wait wait wait for the next spoonful of yumminess. Your eyes open up super wide, and you swallow with a smile. Its the cutest darn thing ever.

You are sleeping an amazing 13 hours a night. It is unbelievable, and daddy and I feel so blessed!

You are wearing 6 month clothes all the time now, and size 2 diapers.

Mama tried sooo hard to give you a pacifier, but you wanted nothing to do with it, and would gag every time I put it in your mouth. And, guess what you started doing a week ago? Sucking your thumb! I just cant believe it! And although, its not what I wanted... I have to admit, it beyond adorable.

Daddy and I bought you a Jumper this month! You LOVE it! You jump and jump until you are wiped out! You look all the flashing lights and little toys.... and you giggle the entire time!

You can sit up by yourself for about 10 seconds before falling over. Im sure we only have a week or so until you are much much better at that!

If we stand you up on the couch, you can also hold yourself up for a little while! You love being on your feet!

Thank you for continuing to make our life so amazing. I love you, my sweet baby boy with all of my heart. You are the greatest part of my entire life, and I simply do not remember what life was like before you, and I would never want to. You have completed me in ways I can not even describe. You are my world. I love you, my munchkin.


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