Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tomorrow is my very best friends 25th birthday. Twenty-Five. I'm aware that 25 is not at all anything close to old. 25 is nothing but the start of real life. The life we ached for at a younger age. Real money, real school, real jobs, real LIFE. But the best part, by 25 you have figured out who your real friends are. You know who you can call at 3 o'clock in the morning, just to say your having some sort of hormonal fit, and you know you're being crazy and unreasonable. and the person on the other end is supposed to convince you that they in fact, were not sleeping, but waiting on your call, and that you're not crazy and that everything will be okay, and if its not okay, you will bury whoever it is that has caused this outrage in your backyard. Best friends honor.

We have been through it all. Heartaches galore. A few really bad ones. Gut wrenching, horrible, soul crushing heart aches. She felt my pain, and I felt hers.. all the way down to our cores. And we were there to cry into each others shoulder as we slurped up tears and sniffed our runny noses. And when our faces were all red and wet and our eyes swollen, we reminded each other that we were beautiful and worth so much more then that stupid boy who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

We were there for each other, when we found the right one too. We were there for each other, calming nerves on first dates... assuring each other we aren't hallucinating. "Lauren, I really love him, He's the one".... "Good, because I love him too." Music to my ears. Nothing is better then your best friends approval.

All of a sudden everything changed. When I called Lauren to tell her how God awful Ryan was, because he forgot to take out the garbage or fold a load of laundry. She stopped taking MY side. "Awe ya, guys are forgetful sometimes.. but he loves you Ang, go give him a big kiss and make up with him!' But, but, but!!! She was supposed to be on MY side. "ughhh... Lauren, you don't get it! He's an ASS!"... She had to understand. "Ok, maybe so.. But Ang, He loves you so much. Go give him that kiss!"... Ummmm what? "Wait, but.. Lauren, you have to understand me!!!!" and the response I got? "I understand that your a sensitive maniac. Now go make nice!" Geezz.. She didn't have to be so.... right! That's the hard part about having a best friend. She sees right through all the bull, yanks you by your ears, and tells you to stop being a spastic reject. Wanna know why? Because I am a spastic reject, but she loves me anyway.

Loves me anyway. Loves me even though I did that one thing, that one time, that was just not cool. And because I said that one thing, that was just so uncalled for. And because I made that one mistake, that shouldn't have been made. And because I talked to that one guy, that just shouldn't even have been mentioned to begin with, and because I have weird habits.. like touching backyard cactuses, or well.... I wont even go there. Just know that that thing is weird, crazy, and shouldn't be mentioned. End of story.

Our 5 am trips to McDonalds after partying all night. Attack of the seagull. Monthly ice-cream beach dates. Caramel Machiatos. Wisdom teeth. Birthday parties. Moving. "Who broke that table and didnt pick up that glass?" Totaling cars. Sneaking out. Sneaking in. Sneaking way too much of everything. Did that really happen or was I dreaming? Trips to Gainesville. Boston. Palm Island. Starbucks.Sandwich castles. Food in general. Hot tubs. Vomit.Club Malibu. Club Sunfire. Black. On the inside. Gangsta rap made me do it. Falling into holes. Spring break. Fire house Club on a Sub. "I'm rich, My daddy's a lawyer!!!" .. Ok, I'm done. I'm crying, and laughing, and wiping snot on my sleeve.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Lauren Marie. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for loving me when you didn't want to. Thank you for being beautiful. Thank you for being you. May your 25th year bring too much happiness and too many laugh until we ache moments. I love you. My Sistah.


  1. Ya. I totally got teary eyed at the end! Happy Birthday, Lauren!

  2. talented, beautiful, hilarious, crazy, kind-hearted, logical, emotional, thoughtful, OCD about showering best friend. I love you and this could possibly be the sweetest thing you have written. I'm sorry I'm reading this a month later (you know me and my lack of internet/computer) but I'm soo happy I finally did. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you. You are so thoughtful and so kind and I thank god everyday for having you in my life. You are truly the sister I never had but always wanted. You are my "biff" and will always be. I love you Gela!!