Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not so girly but girly chicken salad

Once upon a time...
A bunch of girlfriends decided to get together for a girly dinner. Good times were to be had by all.
And on the menu? Arbor mist and chicken salad. but of course!!! Somehow boys got into this equation, and our girls dinner was no more. Surely, they would not eat any of our girly chicken salad, right??
Wrong. Mouthfuls of chicken salad was devoured in record speed, and seconds were requested. By boys.
"Hey, when are you going to make that chicken mayo stuff again?" I guess my chicken salad ended up not being so... girly. Boys. They not only make us crazy, and forgot to bring their dirty socks to the laundry room, but they eat everything. EVERYTHING!

Start off my chopping half of a red onion, half a green pepper, and as many red globe grapes as your little heart desires!!
Boil chicken breast. ON THE BONE. I usually cook about 3. This is enough for a dinner for 2, and lunch the next day. Remove all meat from bones once it has been cooked, and cut into bite size chunks.

Toss onions, grapes, peppers, and chicken in a big ole bowl.

Now here is the tricky part, and it totally depends on what YOU like. But this is the master mix, a little of each and you are good to go! Oh, and a tiny little itty bitty spoon of sugar. Do it, it’s good.
Mix it all up nice and good, and take a few sneaky bites here and there. Its the law.

Bake up some yummy croissants.

And pile on a bunch of this mix of ohhhhh myyyy goddd!

And sit back, and watch grown men moan and groan as they stuff their face with girl food.

And smile in silent satisfaction.

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