Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is where I spent the long summer days of my childhood.

Romping around, exploring, and getting dirty.

And this is where I would tie string to a stick, and then tie the string to half a hotdog bun, and wait for hours... hoping to catch the big one.

And this is where I would stare up at the sky, and watch the clouds go by as they changed shapes from a dinosaur eating pasta to a puppy playing ball.

And this is where I would beg springs newly hatched ducklings to come to shore and say hello.

And this is where I would jump as high as I could on my trampoline to see if I could touch the tippy tops.

And this is where I would be when mom would yell for me to come inside and get cleaned up, because dinner was almost ready.

And while all the fishing, jumping, cloud watching, and getting dirty was going on...
All I wanted, was to grow up.

Boy, was I nuts or what.
It feels good to look at these pictures and remember how easy life was.

It feels just like home to me.

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