Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ive lost it....

So, yesterday morning started out just like any other Wednesday morning.... I wake up, hubby is already up and getting ready for work... He comes into our bedroom, gives me a kiss goodbye before heading off to work... I get up, go to the bathroom.. and, there it is...

I realize the fact that Im sharing this is pretty gross. I realize that this is totally crossing the line of "TMI"... but guess what? Before you were born... your mom lost it too. And your moms mom lost is also. And if you ever plan on having kids... you will lose it also. So, the disgusting reality is.... everyone loses it. Get over it.

Ill proceed.... As if you havent already figured it out... I lost my mucus plug. After calling my mom, she says "Please dont share this on facebook". I agreed... And then my lovely sister in law posts "Heard you popped your cork" on my non-private wall.... I laughed, and decided to keep it there... The rest of my life is pretty uncensored.. and, so is my cervix now... so, hey! Why not continue the sharing!

I FREAKED! There I sat, half way between excitement, disgust, and tears. I texted hubby, who immediately got excited thinking we may have a baby boy sooner than expected. And I sat there, numb.... because my little boy NEEDS to bake a few more weeks at least, to bring down the chance of making a visit to the NICU.

Called the good ole' OBGYN, and had an appointment for 130pm.

I proceeded to gather up things we needed for Brayden when we are in the hospital. 2 outfits, tiny socks, a big blanket in case its freezing, and a smaller one just because.
I couldn't find my glasses or a contacts case.
Should I bring a blow dryer?
My yoga pants are in the wash....
Is the camera charged?
Is it vain to bring makeup?
Oh My Gosh!!!! I am so unprepared.

Hubby comes home for lunch, calms me down.. and I go to my OBGYN apt.

Lady at the front desk says "Ohhh! Back so soon?" Shut it lady. I'm nervous and not into small talk right now.

I get called back. Ive lost 3 lbs. In 2 days. Labor sign #1.
Blood pressure is good.
Doctor comes right in. Throw my legs in stir ups, and the fun begins.
Um... Internals suck. Just throwing that out there....
I'm told I'm 50% effaced and 1/2cm dilated.

"OK, so this means I'm not going to go into labor, right?"

......doctors long pause....... "um.... I don't know. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be next month"....

NICE. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a big time planner? I like having all my ducks in a row? I like knowing who, what, when, where, and why? I like knowing when I'm going to have to push a KID out of my you-know-what.....

So, we wait. And pay attention to every single little oh, ah, and pinch. And pray, that little man stays up there for a few more weeks. And remember that this has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with a predetermined plan that I have no control over.

Ive lost it......

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