Saturday, January 29, 2011

The "not so dainty" Last Few Weeks....

There is no such thing as modesty with pregnancy. No such thing as being dainty.... or, explaining things in a "lady like" fashion. Nope, it is what it is and that's all that is is...

The last few weeks of pregnancy are all about leaking, whats not leaking, constipation, lack of constipation, crossing your legs when you laugh/sneeze/cough.... Its sending hubby to the store for things like panty liners and post baby pads. Its all about calling your mommy friends and asking if ______ is supposed to be that color, if _________ is supposed to be this consistency... or, If I do THIS will THAT happen??? Its googling and reading message boards, and flipping through the redic amounts of "mom to be" books... All the while, youre feeling like the biggest woman on earth, you're sweating when your feet are cold (And swollen), and all the while scrutinizing every single twinge, pull, push, pain..... HOPING, that its what you have been waiting for... the big "L" word....


I feel like the "L" word is that absolute most exciting yet terrifying word in the entire world.
Although I cant wait to be in LABOR, I'm terrified of it... Not because of the pain, but because I know that my little boy is so SAFE in THERE.
Not that he wont be safe out HERE, but my job is just so easy when hes in THERE. Or is it? Because leaking and not leaking and laughing with my legs crossed is starting to get on my nerves....

So, at 37 weeks... I'm saying it.
Brayden, come out. Like, right now. Because I need you to. And because I said so. And because I am your mother.

mom. (your leaky, unladylike MOM)

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