Thursday, May 20, 2010

Year old wedding cake....

Being broke on our 1 year anniversary was not ideal. But, in all honestly.. I wouldn't have wanted to spend our day any different.
We woke up around noon, watched a baseball game, visited family, and spent the entire day being silly, giddy, and totally in love. It was perfect.

Since the first anniversary falls under the gift giving category of paper, we decided to write each other love letters.
Best gift I have ever received.

I cried. From beginning to end. Especially this part....
(While writing about our wedding day)

"I couldn't believe this gorgeous, amazing woman was walking up the aisle to spend the rest of her life with me"

I cried, because.. I was thinking the same thing.

"I cant believe this handsome, amazing man is standing at the end of this aisle to spend the rest of his life with me."
I know, I know.. you all are thinking, "OK OK!! Gag me!" but seriously, my husband is adorable. And he looks really cute when he wears baseball pants.

Here is the top tier of our wedding cake!!! In all its glory, wrapped in an insane amount of aluminum foil.

... And here we have it.....

In about 22 layers of cling wrap...
(Mom took this very serious!)

Tada! And there it is! Such a beauty!
And how adorable is that cake plate?
Adorable Anniversary gift idea, mom.

Our silver engraved Waterford cake servers.
Notice the handles are tarnished.
I purposely didn't polish them since our wedding day
.. I was going for the nostalgia feel...

We saved one bottle of champagne from our wedding day and even pulled out our Waterford wedding day champagne glasses.

All sorts of fancy like!

I get giddy just looking at this picture. I mean, seriously...
This picture= love.

Hubby slicing our cake...

Woo Hoo! Cake is sliced... and how does it taste?

Well.. this picture should answer this question.

We each took a bite. The cake part was FAB! but the frosting.. well, wasn't.

Hubby and I fed each other year old cake, toasted to a thousand more years of blissful marriage, and shared a
special PG-13 kiss.

And I went to bed with a huge smile on my face, knowing that the best year of my life had come to an end...
But, knowing that until God parts us...
every year from now until then, will be the best year of my life.

Because I was blessed with the best husband in the world.


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