Monday, December 6, 2010

29 weeks

I told myself I would do this every 4 weeks... I also told myself I would write down every single thing that I did and experianced through my pregnancy.. and I didnt. I know, I know... I will totally regret this one day. But, for now... Ill wait for that day, and not worry about that day, today.

Last time I did one of these, I was 16 weeks pregnant. That feels like another life time ago... I am now 29 weeks, and I feel like Im a pro at being pregnant by now. 11 weeks or less until my beautiful baby boy is in my life... I cant wait!

Total Weight Gain:

Ugh. 17.
Maternity Clothes:

Ive ever grown out of some of those already!

Stretch Marks:

Yes, yes yes. I think I hate this question.


Tiredness is back. Can barely sleep more then 2 hours at a time at night.... always waking super early. and desperate for a nap by 4pm.

Best moment of the month:

My baby shower, and seeing baby boy during a 3D sonogram =)



Food Cravings:

None. Just food in general.
Food Aversions:


Belly button:

Its flat. LIke really flat. But not sticking out....
What I miss:
What Im looking forward to:
Having this baby!
Weekly Wisdom:
Let others do stuff for me. Because my back hates me.
Everything. Being well into my 3rd trimester. Knowing that if little one was born today, he would be healthy.

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