Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ya know how every time you see a pregnant girl on TV or in a movie, shes always running to the bathroom? Shes either throwing up or peeing? I'm one of those skeptics that saw this, and seriously thought that that was none other then another dramatization on the big screen....


I was lucky enough not to face the whole morning sickness thing.. But my bladder... has turned against me. Why am I sharing this? Because every woman who has been pregnant can relate with me, and any woman who hasn't been pregnant yet, but will one day be pregnant.... should know.

Ive always been a public restroom snob. Meaning, I just don't use them. Its gross. Back in my non pregnant, bar hopping days... I was able to go out all night and MAYBE use a public restroom once. MAYBE. And here I am.... 8 months pregnant... and public restrooms are my friend. I have scouted out the best and the worst. I know which restrooms are sometimes out of paper towels or toilet paper.. and I have my favorite stalls. Am I pregnant or 97 years old? I cant seem to tell the difference right now....

Its not only in the movies... its real. My daily routine? Wake up, Pee, Brush teeth, wash face, eat a bowl of cereal, pee, get dressed, struggle to tie shoes, pee, leave house, arrive at destination, pee, pay for things at store, pee, drive to next destination... pee. I cant tell you how many times my husband and I have been running on time (not many..) , and as we're walking out the door... I look at him and say "I have to pee". I dread saying that. At first he would look at me, and say something like "Come on babe! Seriously? You cant hold it? We're walking out the door!"...  but he knows better now. "ok, hurry!" Such pressure!

I haven't slept through the night in 6 months. At the beginning, I was "irritated" by having to wake up once during the night... I would love to go back to one of those days... Pee before bed.. then its 12:30am, 3am, 530am, 7am and then its another mad dash when I decide to roll out of bed for good around 9.

I talked to my doctor about this. I swore something was wrong with me.. but no. Doctor asked, "Does it burn?" I answered.. "What? No...." Doctor responded.." Ok, then youre fine. Just pregnant". Nice.

I don't even want to go into what happens when I laugh really hard or sneeze.... That just more information then you need to know. Or maybe you already know.. and if you do, I can promise you are totally sympathizing with me...

On that note, that's all I have for today. Its a good thing this sweet baby boy is worth it =)

I have to pee....

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  1. I love starting my days, reading your new blogs! (o: And btw.. The "sneeze & laugh" thing doesnt go away. Fun stuff!