Monday, October 18, 2010

22 days

22 weeks down....

LESS than 18 more to go. I say LESS, because Im hoping for a 38 week baby, and NOT a huge 40 week baby... Either way, as long as he is healthy...

We have picked a name that we are totally wild about. Brayden Ryan. Im not sure where Brayden came from, because I had never heard it before, and one night as hubby and I were drifting into dream land, it popped into my head and it just felt so right.

Tomorrow will be one week since Hubby has been home from his horrible 22 day trip to Kentucky to work the World Equestrian Show. Now, call it pathetic if you would like, but 22 days was a very very long time for both of us. By the 2nd week, we were absolutely dying to see each other... I have never been so giddy in all my life, then when I sat in his truck waiting for him to pick up his luggage from baggage claim, and I got a sneak peak of him through the airport window. I'm proud to say that I did make it through those 22 days, but barely. The first night was awful. Coming home to a dark, quiet apartment all by myself. Water works started, and I had an all our crying infant fit in my kitchen. Complete with huffing noises and stomping my feet. Then I told my self I was insane, and proceeded to get into our queen size bed.... alone. For the first time ever.... And it started again, so I selfishly woke hubby up with a million texts explaining how heart broken I was, and that I wish I could roll over and hug him. That was night number 1... and the next 21 days got easier and easier. Not that I ever stopped missing my other half, but I just started to celebrate that time that had passed and how quickly his return home was approaching.  Ever since he stepped off that plane, I haven't been able to get enough of him. So in love.

My belly doubled in size while hubby was gone, and he was overjoyed and excited to see that his little boy had grown so much. I cant wait to watch Ryan and Brayden together. Brayden is such a lucky boy to have a daddy who will give him the world. Someone up there must really love me. My life has been overly blessed with blessing beyond my comprehension. I have a husband who I love and adore, and a baby boy who will be here so soon. God is an awesome God!

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