Tuesday, September 7, 2010

16 weeks.

Total Weight Gain:

3 Pounds.
Maternity Clothes:
Bought my first maternity jeans and nursing bra last week =)

Stretch Marks:
Lets just omit this question for now on ... thanks
Feeling much more energetic. But,still more tired then before I was pregnant
Best moment of the month:
Sharing our sonogram video with out family.

Felt lots of flutters, but felt the first few REAL kicks today!

Food Cravings:
Random things at very random times.
Food Aversions:

Belly button:
Still the same.
What I miss:
What Im looking forward to:
This belly popping!
Weekly Wisdom:
Enjoy it all. Times goes by to quickly!
Having a hint at little ones gender....

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