Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bloody nose and chocolate anyone?

Well.... here I am, exactly 23 weeks and 0 days pregnant. And I have tissue stuffed up my nose. Why you ask?
Well... lets see. I was getting ready to go to work at my every-other-weekend gig at the Bucs stadium.... washed my face, turned on my hair iron.... looked down at the sink... to see BLOOD. Lots of it. Glance at my face to find more blood. Pouring from my nose. Nice.
This pregnancy has been a breeze. No nothing. Everything has been decently decent. Until THIS. An hour later, Im not at work.. I have blood all over my shirt... and I still have tissue stuffed up my nose, because everytime I go to remove it... the faucet turns back on... and blood goes everywhere. Just another way for God to get me ready for the unexpected when baby boy gets here. JOYS.

Aside from the nose bleeds, sleep is starting to not be so restful. My back aches, and I ache for the days that I can again sleep on my stomach and back. Once a sound sleeper, I now wake up every time I need to move even slightly... and lets not begin to talk about how many times I have to pee in the middle of the night... 12am, 3am, 545am, 645am, 9am...All of this together, and Im waking up about every 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes more, and sometimes when Im REALLY tired... I wont wake up, because I just dont move.. but then I wake up with a numb butt and tingling thigh. More JOY.

Baby boy is positioned right on my inner stomach. So, eating more then few bites  here and there starts to become challenging. I am the queen at doggy bags, and am now just as happy with a bowl of Golden Grahams and skim milk.. as I was before over a rib eye steak and a potato. Ohhhh how I am craving snow crab legs though!

Cravings have been relative. Coke Classic. Duh. And just overwhelming desire for chocolate. I was fearing this one. I miss the days where my cravings consisted of Cobb salads, feta cheese, apple sauce, and PB&J's. I didnt have to worry much about weight gain then... But this new chocolate craze is not good for the butt. or hips. or upper arms. or face. or any other body part for that matter. Only baby boy and my taste buds are enjoying this one.

I was told on my 20 week appointment, that I have an anterior placenta. Not a huge deal.... just means that I wont feel baby boy nearly as much as others are feeling their little ones right now... He kicks me nice and hard, every so often.... Just enough to keep me from worrying, and to let me know that hes just fine. He loves food. After a (small) meal... he goes to town, kicking and kicking. A few times its been hard enough, that I can swear that Daddy will be able to feel it on the outside.. and as soon as I place my hand on my belly... he stops. Such a trickster.

Bending over and getting off the floor isnt HARD, per say. Just not very pretty. I kinda have this routine, that I go from my butt to my knees, and then rock myself in a way that I spring off the floor, dust myself off, and go about my business. Not something I would do in public or in front of anyone but my husband, but it makes me laugh a little. Bending over isnt comfy for me or Brayden. He kicks me to let me know, "HEY! MOM! Knock it off! Im sleeping here! And your making me hit my head with my knee!" Sorry little man, Im almost to the point that I will be making daddy do all the bending, reaching, stretching, and shoe tying.

I forgot to update my blog at my 20 week point. Baby boy is as perfect as perfect can be. Completely handsome and adorable, and I turn to mush every time I see his sweet little self on the sono screen. I have gained 3 lbs so far (This was before my chocolate crave), and dr has asked me to gain 3-5 lbs this month, or else. My boobs are the size of my head. I have stretch mark heaven on my belly (And nothing works... trust me. tried it all). My skin is still pretending Im 14. But my hair and nails are to die for. I have a cute little soccer ball in my belly, and life before maternity jeans no longer exists.

Can I just take a second to thank Motherhood Maternity and Heidi Klum? For designing and making available cute maternity jeans? Because my new bootcuts are adorb. And I get compliments on them all the time. Im not a huge fan of the prego shirts..... still buying a size larger in normal clothes.... but, these jeans are killer.

In other none baby related news, Its "fall" in Florida. 80 degrees and breezy all day. Guess its time to act the part and whip up some banana bread and apple pie. I would give up chocolate for the temp to go down 10 degrees. Ok, never mind. 80s and chocolate all day everyday. Im not letting go of my chocolate. At least, not yet...

Perhaps I will finally do a food blog this week? Maybe Ill blog my apple pie? Or maybe Ill just blog my face covered in chocolate? Stay tuned.

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  1. I so enjoy reading your blogs! They always make me laugh. Thank you for a great start to my day. (o: