Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letters to baby

Dear sweet baby,

Mama has been so preoccupied with life and YOU that she has allowed her lovely blog to slide a bit. Ive decided that to keep you updated on everything that Daddy and I are going through, I will write you letters. One day, we will read these letters together and laugh and cry and I'm almost positive you will make fun of me for being such a big dork. (Moms are allowed to be dorks)

Daddy has been working so very hard to make sure that everything is perfect for when you get here. We want to make sure that when you are here in our arms, everything in our world and your little world will be as worry-free and enjoyable as possible. We were supposed to move into a new apartment last weekend, but decided that it wasn't perfect enough for you. Only the best for our sweet baby. So, for a week, we have been living at Abuelo and Nana's house. Sleeping in the same room I grew up in, and the same room you will one day have sleep overs in when Mama and Daddy need a date night. The room is full of pink, so hopefully if you're a boy, you can sleep in uncle Vincents room instead. Daddy and I with the help of some good friends will be moving into a much more perfect place this weekend. I am excited for this to be your first home.

Nana and I are already busy planning YOUR welcome party. I don't want to call it a baby shower, because my life is all about celebrating you. Daddy and my life will forever be all about you, and the wonderful blessing God has given us. You are only a tiny 2 inch baby, but you have already filled me and daddy's heart. We love you so  much, its overwhelming. Your baby celebrations will have abundant food, colorful decorations, and beautiful details. Because you have made my life abundant, colorful, and so beautiful.

My 25th birthday was 3 weeks ago. I was surrounded by friends and family all weekend, and had the best birthday ever. Mainly because you are the greatest gift I could have ever wanted. Soon, you will be able to meet all of these friends and family who all love you and are excited for you to join us. I got to blow out birthday candles 3 times! And each time, my birthday wish is for you to be a healthy baby, and that I would be the absolute best mommy possible.

I prayed the other day, that your life will be blessed with friends as great as me and daddy's. I prayed that you will have boys and girls in your life that you can depend on, and turn to when life gets a little tough. I pray that you will know which friends need to be let go, which friends are worth the fight, and which friends will become your back bone, your blood, and your family. Friends that are like family are so important. I pray that you are blessed with that in your life. Daddy and I are so blessed to be surrounded by "sisters and brothers"....

I pray that you will have an honest heart, and a strong conscious. I pray that you will find the power in being truthful, and have a strong sense of knowing the difference between whats right and wrong.

I pray for myself a lot too. I pray that I will be able to instill in you the same morals that Nana instilled in me. I want to be your mother and your best friend. I want you to tell me about you bad days, and your good days. I want to celebrate all your triumphs, and pick you up and dust you off when you've have a bad day. I want you to never go a day without knowing how passionately Daddy and I love you, and how badly we wanted you. You will never be lonely. We will be there for you, forever. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful Daddy. Daddy is so excited for your to get here. He cant wait to teach you about baseball and buy you pretty things. To go on long walks while you hold his hand, and take you fishing. We are so lucky to have daddy. I couldn't have picked a better daddy for you. I'm pretty excited he picked me to be your mommy =)

I love you, sweet baby...
Until next time,

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