Monday, July 12, 2010

8 weeks.

Dear readers,
Pregnancy has taken over my life, and I am sorry from the bottom of my heart for my lack of blogging. My little tiny little one has taken over my every thought... but I have not forgotten you! I think of you everyday!

I am officially 8 weeks!
Time to update the prego survey!

Total Weight Gain:
1.5 pounds. Pretty good!
Maternity Clothes:
Not yet. My jeans are becoming annoyingly snug in the tummy area... but Im thinking with the wonderful Belly Band, I should be able to make my pre-maternity jeans last until at least 12 to 15 weeks.
Stretch Marks:
Not yet!
Oh My Gosh. So tired. Exhausted. WIPED out. I wake up after 10 hours of sleep, and feel like I need a nap 3 hours later. My eyes are constantly burning, and I just feel FATIGUED.
Best moment of the month:
Getting a sneak peak of our nugget at week 6. And seeing its little heart beating strong
Food Cravings:
M&Ms. After 4 servings in 2 days, I asked hubby to stop buying them for me. I also crave sprite. Or anything cold.
Food Aversions:
Nothing in particular. But, sometimes the thought of something makes me feel rather quesy

Belly button:
Normal, 'ole belly button!
What I miss:
Caffeine. Coca Cola Classic. Feeling "normal". Fitting into my bra. My pre-prego skin (helllo pre teen skin. Blah!)
What Im looking forward to:
Seeing my nugget tomorrow! And watching my husband fall in love the moment he sees the sonogram
Weekly Wisdom:
Giving all of my trust to God. Because I am so not in control of my life, mind, and body. But God is, and he knows what best for me.

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