Saturday, August 28, 2010

The night before....

Dear Nugget,

Mama has affectionately referred to you as Nugget for the past 15 weeks. I'm not sure why, just something that sprung into my head  the day the glorious word "positive" flashed on my pee stick that told me that you would be here in 9 very long months. In 4 hours, I will retire the name "nugget" as you will have a REAL name of your very own.

Mama and daddy went to bed around 11:30pm, last night after much procrastination from Mama. "I just want be realllllllly tired so I can actually sleep". What a joke. After laying in bed from 11:30pm until 6am, I MAYBE got 2 hours of sleep, and not interrupted.. because thoughts of you flooded every single dream, and I had to keep waking myself to see what time it was, and then pray that God would make time go faster.

At 10:45am today, a lady will rub cold goop all over Mamas growing belly. Daddy will stand tall next to me, and she will hold a  special machine to my belly... as pictures of your sweet beautiful self show themselves on a TV screen. I can not wait for daddy to see you kick and squirm. He is going to be so proud to see his perfect Angel. The lady will then take a few peeks, and decide if you are a girl or a boy. And as soon as she tells us, Mama is sure to lose it. Even though Daddy is super tough, and you will probably go your whole life and MAYBE see him cry 3 times, I know he will be overwhelmed with joy. I wish we could photograph our faces so you can see you much we love you already.

The anticipation is driving me nuts. Not because it matters whether you are a boy or girl, because you will be perfect for me in every way shape and form. The anticipation is because I can finally put a name to your precious face.

Daddy and I painstakingly chose your name, after months of debating. Actually, years. Wayyy before you were in my belly, Daddy and I would have these fun conversations that would start by one of us saying... "One day, when we have a baby... what are we going to name him? What are we going to name her?" Some of them were silly, some were traditional. Mama and Daddy argued a little over some of them. He thought it was the best name ever, and I just didn't think it would be perfect enough. Or I would say a name, and Daddy would look at Mama like I had 4 eye balls.

If you are a girl, we are excited about giving you such a beautiful name. If you are a boy, we are so proud to hand you the name that you will maybe one day hand down to your son.

10:45am can not come soon enough already! Daddy is snoring away! He is very excited also, he just had a very long, hard week at work and needs his rest. But I can promise that Daddy is dreaming sweet dreams of his baby.

Will you be a rough and tough little boy who gives his Mama sloppy kisses? Or a princess who holds her Daddy's hand whenever she can? Will you love baseball and watching sports? Or will you love spending time with Mama, like I enjoy spending time with I Nana? Will you ask for bedtime stories about dragons and hero's, or princesses in far away lands? Will you clomp around the house in Mamas high heels, or drag around Daddy's favorite baseball bat? Will Daddy be your hero? Will I be your best friend?

Will you ever truly understand just how much Daddy and I love and adore you? Will you ever anticipate something as much as we anticipate you?

I pray that Daddy and I will be able to show you every single day for the rest of your life, just how much we love you. We will live our lives for the sweet baby that is growing in Mamas belly. Every single decision and choice we make, will revolve around whats best for you and our overwhelming amount of love we have for our sweet miracle.

I thank God for you everyday. He gave me you, as a beautiful gift. The greatest gift anyone could ever be given. And I plan to do whatever it takes, everyday of my life to show him how thankful I am.

Every inch of my heart,

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