Wednesday, January 13, 2010


There is light at the end of my tunnel.
Turns out, my tonsils hate me.
So, They're being scrapped out in 1 week.
1 week.

So much for...... preparing?
1 week is definitely not enough time to eat all my favorite foods before I take the plunge into being a MUTE for 3-4 weeks.
Ya, 3-4 weeks.

Thank you, adulthood for making the good 'ole tonsillectomy a pain in the freakin rear.
Now I'm convinced being a kid is way better then being a tax doing, bill paying, laundry doing adult. Because TONSILS are easy when you're 5.
At 24, you have put them through too many years of whatever it is you do with tonsils.
So, they are now protesting, and jamming picket signs into the side of my throat.
So... Good bye tonsils!
Hellllllloooo baby food, popsicles, and Gatorade.
Good bye pizza, steak, and bagels.
Hello, weak stomach
Goodbye, pounds. And pounds. and more pounds.
Wishful thinking?
Hope not.
And Hello, weekend before the big ole surgery.
Maybe Ill make cookies in the shape of my tonsils?
no, that's just gross.
Ill figure something out. Something not so tonsil pleasing.
Peace out, Tonsils. I never liked you anyway!

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