Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hey Ya'll!!!!

Ever been so Savannah, Georgia?
Go. Now. Run upstairs. Pack a bag or 5. Fill the gas tank. and GO. Because its that amazing, and everyone should experiance the true southern hospitality that gushes from the pores of this fabulous small town. Its rich in history, food, shoppes, pubs, and the nicest people on this side of the Mississippi. And its romantic, really romantic. Walking through the breezy streets, holding hands and enjoying the huge oak trees that are hundreds of years old. Ya, I was in heaven.

And guess what else is there?
Paula Deen.
I feel like Paula and I are on a first name basis these days.

What youre seeing here in her Lady and Sons hot spot. So hot, that we had to GO to the place just to stick our names on a list, so we would have a spot to eat lunch. At 9am. nuts.

What we have here folks is a place setting. Complete with a Doily placemat. Have you ever, in all your life, seen anything so darn cute and folky? Love it!

Cheeder biscut and fried corn fritter with maple syrup
Chicken Pot pie

Pulled Pork Sandwich.

So how was it? Well, It was...... fried. Im huge on seasoning and taste. I like saying "wow!" after trying something suburb. Paula Deens was not what I was expecting. For the amount of fried, it lacked the WOW I enjoy. Much of the meal, left me rubbing my napkin over my mouth repeatively because I felt well..... greasy. It was OKAY. But, not what I was so excited for.

 Sorry Paula.

We also got a side of Mac and Cheese, because everyone raves about how wonderful it is. Well, I am VERY happy to report that after my husband took a few bites, he looked at me and the words "I like your mac and cheese better" floated from his lips. I asked him to repeat himself, and I felt as if I was dreaming. He likes my mac and cheese better then Paula Deens.

I can now die a happy woman.

Now I will leave you with this:
Come on Paula. We all know youre not that skinny!

Put some south in your mouth!

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  1. this really surprises me!! i thought for sure you would've LOVED it... can't wait to read more about your savannah trip *hint, hint!*