Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi! Hi! Hi!
I am done. I am healed! And I NEVER want to go through anything even close to that painful EVER again.
Tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks from my surgery. 4 weeks of drooling, crying, whining, starving, and painkillers. Ohhhh how I loved the painkillers. I surely wouldn't have survived without them, and I am happy to report that I am now down to 3 Advil before bed every night, and that's it! I can eat just about everything again, and taste is slowly getting back to normal.
So... how bad was it? BAD. Worst thing ever. I went 9 days without an ounce of food. Icechips were the name of my game, and at times I couldn't even fit a spoon in my mouth. A BABY spoon. I woke up every 3.5 hours like clock work, ran high fevers while shivering, and cried. Ohhh the amount of painful tears I shed! Ryan's immune system decided to shut down 3 days after my surgery with a yucky cold (the worst days were day 3 through 10) and although he did try as hard as he could to be there for me, Thank God for my mother. My mother is a saint. That's all I can say. That woman was amazing. She took care of me, cried with me, drove me to the doctor, washed my clothes, reminded me I needed to shower (Hey, I was out of it!), begged me to eat and drink, tucked me into bed every night, and even remembered when I always took my last dose of painkillers. She didn't get mad when she made me food, only for me to stare at it and cry in frustration because I knew I wouldn't be able to put it in my mouth. She didn't get mad when I used every single tissue in her house to spit into. She didn't even get mad when I puked in her cute garbage can instead of trying to make it to the toilet. Nope, she just dealt with my patheticness, and did it with a smile (forced at times) and a big 'ole hug when I needed it the most. Ryan and I were so lucky to have her there for us! Thanks mom! Thanks for the good work. We will show our ridiculous amount of appreciation on Mothers day. Promise.
I do have to also mention, that I have a pretty awesome family, and so many good friends. You all know who you are. The ones who truly, honestly cared. The ones who realized this wasn't going to be easy, or came by to visit and bring me pudding/ice-cream/etc, and sent me words of encouragement everyday, or flowers to brighten my afternoons, or phoned my mom and husband to make sure I was doin alright. The truth is, I wasn't doin alright.. but thanks for checking in anyway! I'm fine now, and just feel so blessed to have that over with. The road to recovery was long, hard, and bumpy.
Was it worth it? Ill let you know
Anyway, I have 3 different baking endeavors to blog about. I was waiting until I was back on my feet, and back to my normal spunky (funky?) self. My husband put his foot up my behind last night, taunting me about NOT blogging. So.... to prove him wrong (Ohhh I love doing that!) I'm back!
And those 21 pounds I lost during my recovery?
Oh ya, baby. They wanna come back too.
They missed you.

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