Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cookie dough and cupcakes?

Every once in awhile, I create something so amazing yummy.. its hard for me to believe that I created it! I take a bite, oh and awww.. and then open my eyes, and think to myself, "I made this. I MADE THIS! And its good. Ohhhh its so good! high 5 for being awesome!" Its one thing to follow a recipe and it turns out just like the pictures, and tastes just as good as you imagined it would. But, when you get an idea.. and stick it all together, and it turns out to be better then you could have ever imagined.. THAT is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. And when everyone tastes your labour of love, and they let out the same ohhhs and awwws....
Words cannot even describe the satisfaction I feel.

This happened this weekend. Ryan and I had an afternoon "date" planned to hangout with the Doyals. (Ill have to devote a whole post about the Doyals one day soon... ya, they’re that amazing!) I knew I wanted to bring over some kinda of baked something of other, that would please everyone. So... what’s better then cupcakes? Cookie dough? Well... what about a cupcake filled with cookie dough? Ohhh what about chocolate whipped butter cream frosting? And all that topped with a super moist mini chocolate chip cookie?? Jackpot, baby!

This, folks... is the most amazing cupcake I have ever created. And you know what I realized?
It’s the first cupcake I have ever created.
And I’m so proud of it, I’m not posting the recipe.
I’m just bragging right now.

Lots of amazing buttery cupcakes, filled with chocolate chip cookie dough, topped with luscious whipped chocolate butter cream. and a cookie. A fresh, soft, tiny chocolate chip cookie.

Closest thing to it.


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