Saturday, November 14, 2009

A little about myself...

My name is Angela, sometimes referred to as Angie by those close to my heart. I am 24 years old, and I suffer with bakeaholism. I am a chronic and never ending baker. Amateur, yes. But, who really cares about that word anyway?

My love for baking started at a very young age, all thanks to my mother. She would let me sit on the kitchen counter while she mixed, and whisked, and created all kinds of goodies I couldnt wait to get my fingers on. She would always let me "lick the beater" as I called it. I got one beater from her hand mixer, and my younger brother would get the other. My dad was the lucky one, he always got to lick the spoon.

I dabbled into baking here and there through out my 24 years. Mom would always rather me watch and "lick the beaters" then actually bake anything close to difficult by myself, as I am a VERY messy baker. My goodies are not complete without at LEAST 20 dirty dishes, and chocolate smeared on my shirt. I dont know why I am so messy, but Im not worried.

Anyway, My real baking ventures began when I finally had "my" kitchen. It was soon after my 23rd birthday, when my soon to be husband and I decided to rent a condo over looking the beautiful waters of the bay. I quickly realized how unprepared I was in my love for baking. I had 1 cookie sheet, 2 different size glass Pyrex dishes, and measuring cups. I grew my supplies to include 1 mini muffin pan, and a bread pan. Woo hoo! I was in the big leagues now!

Then it was time for my husband (at the time fiance) and I to put together our wedding registry for our up coming spring wedding. Target and Macy's never looked so good! And where did I spend the majority of my time, clicking away those awfully heavy registry guns, while my beloved Ryan patiently waited for me to breathe? In the baking aisle.

It was 4 months until our big day of holy matrimony, and the wedding showers began! 5 lovely showers to be exact. I found myself surrounded by the most important woman in my life, and baking stuff! Baking stuff every where! Wilton pans and cupcake stands. ABC cookie cutters, and a pink hand mixer. muffin pans, cookie sheets, cake pans, cupcake pans, GIANT cupcake pans! I was in a state of euphoria! My wish lists had been answered and I now had the supplies and the power to become the bake-woman I had always dreamed of!

On my 24th birthday, I opened a gift given to me by my fabulous husband. Inside this glorious gift bag was sprinkles, a Wilton kit complete with 5 basic decorating tips and disposable piping bags, and a book all about cupcakes. I knew I married him for a reason! But then, to my astonishment.... when I reached to the bottom of the bag, there was a folded up piece of paper. On it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. A white and pink Kitchen Aid stand mixer! I looked at my husband with tears in my eyes, as he said the words "I had to special order it online. It will be here in a week". I clapped in excitement and threw my arms around him. He really is the best ever! Or maybe he just really likes my baked goodies! Either way, it was official. I was now a Kitchen Aid stand mixer owner, AKA, a professional!

Sadly, its been 4 months and my mixer is still in the box. Why? Because Im scared of sacrificing its purity. I will take it out of the box and dirty it for the first time this holiday season. I promise. But that will be a whole blog post on its own.

Baking, to me, is an expression of love. It is time, energy, and heart mixed into a bowl, placed in the oven, and decorated as pretty as could be to share with loved ones. Its a bite of warmth, and the expression of satisfaction when someone loves something I have made. Made with my hands, but really with my heart.

So that is my story. I will now begin the journey into bakers heaven, as my hips hate me more and more (Who asked them anyway!!!!????)

-Oh So Sweets!

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